John Edwards Discusses Legal Career in WRAL Exclusive Interview

May 07, 2019

Edwards Kirby Partner John Edwards has made a name for himself in politics. Though he’s been a U.S. Senator, a Vice-Presidential nominee, and a candidate for the country’s highest office, he was, and will always be, a trial lawyer.

In a recent special feature aired on WRAL-TV, Raleigh, Edwards sat down for an interview to discuss his service in the political arena, his passion for the art of law and advocacy, and our firm’s record of handling high-pressure cases against powerful opponents.

Watch the full WRAL exclusive interview of John Edwards here.

A plaintiff litigator who’s helped our firm cultivate a national reputation and recover millions of dollars in compensation for clients, John explains how his political aspirations and personal struggles have been experiences which allow him to empathize with victims and families facing some of the most difficult experiences in their lives – be it a preventable injury, a tragic and untimely death, or other losses caused by the negligence and wrongful acts of others.

As John tells WRAL, being able to support clients in crisis as they seek justice and accountability is what has given purpose to both his professional and personal life:

“Sometimes we can’t make everything exactly right, but we can usually help people. It feels like you’re actually able to do something with your life that means something.”

The segment also discusses some of the high-profile cases handled by John and the Edwards Kirby legal team, and what it’s like for John to work with his daughter Cate, who recently joined our Raleigh office after practicing with the firm in D.C. and California.

Visit WRAL for more on the special feature, or contact us for more information about our legal team and areas of practice.

Update: WRAL Airs Pt. 2 of Edwards’ Interview with Focus on Father-Daughter Duo

WRAL’s second feature on John Edwards aired May 7th. It took an inside look at Johns’ return to legal practice after politics, the firm he founded with close friend and fellow top-rated attorney David Kirby, and Cate Edwards’ joining the practice after moving back to Raleigh. Both discuss what its like to work with family, and how they continue to help each other learn.

View part 2 of the WARL segment here.

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