Alfred Dewayne Brown Case Update

Mar 01, 2019

Statement from attorney Cate Edwards, of Edwards Kirby law firm, representing Alfred Dewayne Brown in civil lawsuit:

“Dewayne has long awaited the day the truth would be recognized: that he is an innocent man. He should never have spent a decade of his life on death row. But he did. Dewayne’s case is a terrifying and sad example of the effect abuse of power and prosecutorial misconduct can have. It is important and commendable that District Attorney Ogg, along with Special Counsel Raley, has been dedicated to getting to the truth in a case like this one, and to fixing the wrongs of those that came before her. This declaration of innocence is a big step forward in resolving Dewayne’s case once and for all. We hope the book will be closed on this ugly chapter in Houston and Harris County history and look forward to a more just future for everyone involved.”

Statement from attorney Brian Stolarz, who represented Alfred Dewayne Brown in his habeas case:

“We are grateful to Special Counsel Raley for his thorough review of all the evidence in Dewayne’s case. We are heartened that he found what we have known all along: Dewayne Brown is actually innocent and was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 12 years and 62 days. We commend the District Attorney’s commitment to ensuring that miscarriages of justice like this never happen again in Harris County. This is also a somber day as we remember the victims of this terrible crime – Officer Charles Clark and Alfredia Jones.”

Cate Edwards and our legal team at Edwards Kirby are passionate about representing clients in a range of civil rights cases, including civil claims over prosecutorial misconduct and wrongful incarceration. If you have questions about a potential case, contact us.

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