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Raleigh Workplace Injury Lawyers

Injured at Work? Explore Your Rights For a Civil Lawsuit.

Edwards Kirby is focused on representing seriously injured victims and the families of fallen loved ones following devastating losses – including those arising from accidents and incidents in the workplace.

Although injured workers often have a right to recover some expenses and benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, it may be possible to pursue civil personal injury lawsuits outside of the workers’ comp system – most often as claims against a third party.

By taking legal action against a negligent third party, you can position yourself to recover a much broader scope of compensation than what’s available through workers’ comp. In the wake of serious injuries and devastating losses, full compensation can make the difference for your future.

Edwards Kirby: Trusted By Victims & Families Across Raleigh, NC

Edwards Kirby’s Raleigh personal injury attorneys have earned the respect of victims, families, and fellow lawyers across North Carolina and the nation. Clients and colleagues continually trust our team because:

  • We’ve recovered hundreds of millions in compensation for our clients.
  • Our lawyers are recognized among The Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News.
  • We have the resources of a Big Law firm, and provide the personal touch of a small practice.
  • Our firm has secured record results, including the largest personal injury verdict and the largest personal injury settlement in North Carolina state history.

When catastrophic injuries or wrongful death have upended your life, Edwards Kirby can help you pursue justice and compensation. Call (919)780-5400 to request a FREE consultation.

Workplace Accidents & Third Party Liability

In many workplace accident cases, the legal remedy for victims is typically a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation is a type of no-fault insurance carried by most employers, which means injured workers can obtain benefits even if they, their co-workers, or their employer were at fault.

While workers’ compensation can be a vital lifeline, it has some limitations. For example, injured workers who seek benefits:

  • Are typically required to obtain medical treatment from approved providers;
  • May only recover a percentage of their lost wages;
  • Cannot recover compensation for pain and suffering and other non-economic damages.

Though workers’ comp is the only available option after many workplace accidents, there are cases when injured workers or families may have the right to pursue legal action outside of the workers’ comp system. Typically, these cases involve the negligence of a third party who is NOT your direct employer.

Examples of Third Party Workplace Injury Lawsuits

In some workplace injury cases, it may be possible to hold a third party responsible. This might be an equipment manufacturer, a supplier, an independent contractor, or even an employment agency liable for screening or hiring, especially in workplace violence situations.

A few examples of when workers may be able to pursue third-party workplace negligence claims include:

  • Defective Products: Workers perform jobs using a variety of products, tools, machinery, and vehicles. When a defectively designed, manufactured, or marketed product causes harm to a worker, there may be grounds for a civil product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or retailer who made the product available to consumers and employers.
  • Negligent Contractors: Many employers rely on contracted third parties to perform various tasks or services. This is common in construction, where many contractors and subcontractors can be present on a job site, but may also include contracted companies that handle distribution, maintenance, and other services. When third-party contractors cause preventable harm, victims may be able to pursue a workplace negligence lawsuit to recover their damages.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Whether a job requires workers to drive, load or unload cargo, or perform job duties near roads and motor vehicles, workers injured in auto accidents may have grounds for a third-party claim. These cases can involve wrecks caused by negligent motorists, delivery truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and crashes involving other commercial vehicles and transportation operated by a person or entity who is not a worker’s employer.
  • Premises Liability: Third party liability may arise when workers are injured while performing jobs on property owned by someone who is not their employer. Workers who bring premises liability claims must prove a landowner’s negligence as the proximate cause of their injuries.
  • Toxic Exposure: Some workers are exposed to harmful substances in the course of their work, and may suffer injuries and occupational illnesses as a result. Workers who sustain immediate injury or a latent illness after years of exposure may seek compensation by filing toxic torts against manufacturers and other negligent parties who caused or contributed to their exposure.

While North Carolina workers’ compensation laws prohibit employees from filing a workplace injury lawsuit against their own employer in many situations, there are some exceptions. However, these claims are generally limited to situations where:

  • Employers do not carry workers’ compensation insurance (N.C. law requires employers with 3 or more employers to have workers’ comp coverage);
  • Workers are harmed by an employer’s intentional acts (i.e. a direct physical assault); or
  • An employer’s intentional conduct is “substantially certain” to cause injury or death. Often called Woodson Claims after a N.C. Supreme Court decision in the case of Woodson v. Rowland, these claims are rare, and must involve very egregious conduct.

Though our work injury lawyers do not handle workers’ compensation claims, we can help injured workers and families explore their options for pursuing civil injury or wrongful death lawsuits against one or more third-party defendants. We can also collaborate with workers’ comp attorneys to address victims’ income and immediate medical expenses while we investigate and prepare their civil case.

Proven Workplace Negligence Lawyers Fighting For Injured Workers & Families

Edwards Kirby is committed to representing hard-working people across North Carolina who have been injured in work-related accidents and other incidents at the workplace. We know what a difference fair compensation, beyond workers’ comp benefits, can have for an injured worker and their family, and we fight for the maximum financial recovery possible.

As our results show, our firm has a proven record in a range of complex cases, including those involving serious burn injuries, explosions, electrocution, construction equipment accidents, and other workplace incidents. Our workplace accident attorneys have also won the largest workplace violence jury verdict in U.S. history in a case involving multiple murders committed by a disgruntled employee in Asheville, North Carolina.

If you have questions about your rights and options after a workplace accident, you can reach a workplace injury lawyer at (919)780-5400 or contact us online. Our team of workplace accident attorneys in Raleigh serves clients across North Carolina, and offer FREE and confidential case evaluations.

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What is a workplace accident attorney?

Employees are injured in the workplace every single day as a result of negligence, dangerous conditions, violence, and other wrongful acts. In many states, workplaces are required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance to pay out medical care, lost wages and other damages to these injured parties. However, this is often not enough to fairly compensate an injured worker depending on the severity of the workplace catastrophe. That’s why under the right circumstances, injured parties may hire a qualified workplace accident attorney to sue their employers and other third-party defendants directly. Taking this legal action outside of the Workers Compensation system can help ensure the fair benefits we believe you are entitled to at Edwards Kirby.

How long before I can no longer file a workplace injury lawsuit?

The statute of limitations on workplace injury lawsuits is typically three years in the United States. However, it can vary from state to state. For example, you have two years to file in North Carolina. There are also exceptions that prevent the time limit from counting down. The statute of limitations does not apply to minors, meaning it would kick in when an injured minor turns 18. Another factor is when a victim discovers their injury. Typically, the statute of limitations will begin once the injury becomes known to the victim, not the date it actually occurred.

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Raleigh, often referred to as the “City of Oaks,” is home to a thriving workforce and NC State University. If you’ve suffered a workplace accident in Raleigh, our Raleigh workplace accident lawyers are here to help. We understand the challenges of recovering from job-related injuries and will diligently work to secure your compensation. Let us protect your rights and well-being in this tech-savvy and rapidly growing city.

If You or A Loved One Has Been Injured Call Edwards Kirby Today!


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