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In addition to criminal charges, victims of sexual assault (as defined in NC § 14-27.20) can seek compensation and justice through a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator and others responsible. Our team at Edwards Kirby has spent years representing victims of sexual assault — to hold attackers and their enablers accountable beyond the criminal justice system. Collectively, we have over 170 years of legal experience, and our commitment to our clients is unparalleled. We are passionate about victims rights and will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

What Is a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Assault?

Pursuing Your Claim Distinct from Criminal Charges

When victims of sexual assault have already pursued criminal charges, either successfully or unsuccessfully, they can seek justice against the perpetrator in a civil lawsuit. A civil lawsuit is completely different from a criminal case, because it provides compensation for you personally against your assailant. You may also be able to pursue a claim against third parties — such as an employer or the owner of the property where the assault occurred — if their negligence or inaction enabled your attacker to assault you.

A civil lawsuit allows you, personally, to recover from the responsible parties and to be in control of your case, with the assistance of your counsel. This can allow you to seek closure on your terms. Importantly, a civil lawsuit for sexual assault can compensate you for the many issues and injuries that you may be personally dealing with in the wake of your assault, which may include:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Costs, which may be ongoing
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Treatment for Emotional Trauma
  • Rehabilitation of Personal and Romantic Relationships

What If My Attacker Was Not Found Guilty of Criminal Charges?

You can still pursue a civil claim even if your assailant was found not guilty by a criminal court or the criminal case was not pursued by law enforcement for “lack of evidence.” A civil case has different legal standards and a different burden of proof than a criminal case. It can be much easier to prove that your assailant harmed you in civil court than it is in criminal court. You can still hold them accountable, as well as other responsible parties, through a civil lawsuit.

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