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Rebuilding After a Serious, Life-Changing Injury

Some injuries are so serious that they change a person’s life forever. They may lead to lasting disabilities, scarring, disfigurement, or emotional suffering. Coping with these catastrophic injuries is anything but easy, which is why recovering full and fair compensation from the at-fault party is an essential part of working toward a more stable future.

As a catastrophic injury law firm that focuses on handling a small number of complex, high-stakes injury cases, Edwards Kirby is able to dedicate the resources and attention complex injury cases require.

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  • We’re led by two Inner Circle of Advocates members (top 100 plaintiffs’ lawyers nationally).
  • We’ve secured record-setting results, including the largest personal injury verdict, largest personal injury settlement, and largest medical malpractice verdict in North Carolina.
  • Our catastrophic injury attorneys are nationally recognized, and have over 170 years of combined experience.
  • We’re trusted by clients throughout North Carolina, as well as by catastrophic personal injury lawyers who bring their most difficult cases to us.

Backed by a team of talented trial attorneys, a network of professional experts, and an unwavering dedication to the families we serve, our catastrophic injury attorneys proudly help clients across Raleigh, the state of North Carolina, and beyond.

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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Personal injury cases are civil claims that aim to hold at-fault parties financially responsible for the damages victims suffer, and they can include a range of accidents and injuries.

In most cases, victims who file personal injury claims recover from their injuries and lead normal lives. In catastrophic injury cases, however, that is not typically the case.

Catastrophic injury is term used to describe any type of personal injury case in which victims have suffered serious, long-term, or life-altering injuries. They’re distinguished from other injury cases because they result in considerable losses for which full compensation is of the utmost importance, and because they demand a greater focus of resources.

What Are The Types Of Catastrophic Injuries?

While any injury case can be “catastrophic” if there are life-altering losses, there are some common elements and examples. These include:

Motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, explosions, construction accidents, and medical malpractice are common causes of catastrophic injuries, though such injuries can involve any type of accident, and a variety of legal issues – including property owner negligence (premises liability) or defective products (product liability).

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Examples of Our Serious Injury Results

  • $30.9M settlement for a young girl who suffered permanent injuries due to a defective pool drain.
  • $23.3M verdict for a child who suffered brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and quadriplegia at birth (state record for largest medical malpractice verdict in North Carolina).
  • $15M settlement for an infant who suffered permanent brain damage after a nurse failed to properly intubate.
  • $6M recovery for a child who became paralyzed due to an injury at a recreation center.
  • $4.6M recovery for a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was struck by a repo / wrecker trucker.

Losses Experienced by Victims & Families

Catastrophic injury cases are distinct in that they can result in nearly incalculable physical, financial, and emotional losses. Though damages vary by case and the nature and severity of injuries, catastrophically injured victims commonly endure very painful injuries, long recoveries, and the need for long-term rehabilitation or life-long medical care.

The toll of damages resulting from serious injuries can disrupt the lives of both victims and their families in profound and permanent ways. As such, it becomes crucial for victims to secure the compensation they need to cover both past damages, and what are often large projected future losses.

Examples of damages in catastrophic injury cases include:

  • Medical expenses (i.e. emergency treatment, surgeries, reconstructive procedures, inpatient hospitalization, rehabilitation, etc.)
  • Future medical expenses (i.e. costs of needed future surgeries or procedures, medical devices and accommodative changes, medical monitoring, therapy and rehabilitation, assistive living care or daily living assistance, etc.)
  • Lost income (for both victims and family members who must care for them)
  • Lost future income because of disability or an inability to do the same work as before
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional injuries, including mental anguish and loss of quality of life
  • Non-economic damages suffered by a victim’s loved ones, including loss of care, support, and companionship

Why Catastrophic Injury Cases Require More Resources

Although recovering compensation is important in any case, the stakes are extremely high when victims are left with long-term or life-long losses. In these situations, a financial recovery is more than just recompense – it is a crucial source of funding for a lifetime of expected expenses.

What’s more, insurance companies and corporations facing potentially high-value injury claims want to pay victims as little as possible to protect their bottom line, increasing the likelihood of challenges from the defense, who often dispute not just liability, but also the extent of damages.

Because so much depends on a successful claim, victims need to be sure the catastrophic injury lawyer they choose has both the experience and the resources to handle these cases.

Investigating an accident, preparing a case, and negotiating / litigating the best outcome possible can be costly. However, Edwards Kirby covers these expenses (by collecting contingent fees at the conclusion of a successful case) so victims are not limited by their inability to pay up-front costs.

Expert Insight & Testimony

Working with experts also becomes a more crucial need in catastrophic injury cases. This includes working with investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and industry experts who can explain situation- or industry-specific rules, guidelines, or regulations a defendant failed to meet when working to prove fault and liability.

Because compensation in catastrophic injury cases also entails a considerable amount of future damages, victims and their catastrophic personal injury lawyers will need to turn to other experts who can help calculate projected future losses. This may include:

  • Working with relevant medical experts and specialists to understand the nature of a victim’s injuries;
  • Obtaining medical expert testimony regarding a victim’s prognosis, likelihood of recovery, what deficits they will be left with, and what treatment they will require in the future;
  • Using financial experts and accountants to calculate the amount of income an injured victim would have earned had they not been severely injured or disabled;
  • Calculating the costs of expected future losses, including projected expenses for future medical needs, accommodations, medications, and more (while taking inflation and other factors into account);
  • Working with mental health experts to illustrate the scope of psychological and emotional suffering endured by victims and their loved ones.

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Raleigh, often associated with its status as the “City of Oaks,” is a place where history meets progress. If you’ve experienced a catastrophic injury in Raleigh, our legal team understands the life-altering impact. We’ll tirelessly pursue the compensation you need to rebuild your life in this thriving tech hub and capital city.

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