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Insurance Claim Denials & Disputes During COVID-19

Companies across the world are facing unprecedented losses from the coronavirus pandemic. Many options for relief – including the PPP, if even obtainable – largely do not help those who have sustained considerable business losses and expect more amid unfavorable forecasts.

For many businesses, the only way to survive is insurance. But what happens when carriers are unwilling to pay claims?

If your insurer has denied coverage for your losses during COVID-19, including coverage for business income or business interruption, you may have options. Our team at Edwards Kirby is available to help small and large businesses with coronavirus-related losses pursue business interruption lawsuits and financial recoveries.

Edwards Kirby: Proven Trial Lawyers

Edwards Kirby is taking an aggressive approach to litigating cases against insurance companies that deny claims over coronavirus-related losses, and to recovering payment from insurers.

  • We are available to represent large and small business that have experienced large losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including those in the hospitality, airline, travel, restaurant, retail, sports or entertainment industries.
  • We welcome the opportunity to work with you or your corporate counsel, on a contingency fee basis.
  • We assist clients in evaluating existing policies and bringing claims against their insurers over denials, delays, and disputes.

Edwards Kirby is comprised of nationally recognized trial lawyers who’ve excelled in fighting insurance companies that employ grand tactics and deep resources to protect their bottom lines. If you wish to discuss a potential case, call or contact us online. We serve clients throughout North Carolina.

Business Interruption Insurance Lawsuits Over Claim Denials

Companies purchase insurance and pay premiums to manage risk and protect themselves in the event of unexpected losses. Insurance companies know this, and offer many products to supplement policy holders’ property insurance, including coverage for:

  • Business Interruption or Business Income Insurance (damage to policyholder’s own business);
  • Contingent Business Interruption (loss caused by damage to supplier or customer);
  • Leader Property (damage to property that attracts customers to policyholder’s business)
  • Extra Expense (additional costs incurred major disruption or loss);
  • Civil Authority (disruption or loss caused by government-ordered closures);

Though business interruption coverage and supplemental policies exist precisely for times like these, many companies are learning their insurers are wrongfully refusing cover losses arising from the coronavirus, including lost revenue stemming from event cancellations, business closures, and various local, state, and federal public health policies or social distancing directives.

Claimed Exclusions May Not Apply

Insurance carriers may raise various defenses for their business interruption claim denials, including:

  • Losses occurring as a result of a “virus,” “bacteria,” or “act of god” are excluded;
  • The pandemic does not constitute a “physical loss or damage” as required for coverage;
  • Coronavirus-losses are not covered under the existing policy.

In North Carolina, we believe there are circumstances where these exclusions may not be a valid basis to deny coverage. In addition, while many policies may contain these exclusions, some contain no or only partial exclusions.

Further, it may be possible to establish “physical loss or damage” arising from the coronavirus, and denial of coverage for lack of physical loss or damage is improper. By bringing claims against your insurer, if we prevail, it would compel insurance companies to pay the claims.

There may also be a time element, waiting period, or extended period of interruption coverage issues in some policies, giving rise to arguments over when businesses were closed, and whether such closures were due to damage or made as preventative measures. Our team can help analyze these issues and determine if your business insurance policy should cover your losses.

In addition to seeking payment for COVID-19 related business losses, claims against insurance companies may also seek additional compensation and attorneys’ fees over bad faith denials, above and beyond the coverage limits contained in your policy.

Was Your Insurance Claim Over Coronavirus Losses Denied?

Advantageous outcomes in business interruption cases are crucial to helping companies stay alive and maintain viability during uncertain times.

At Edwards Kirby, our North Carolina attorneys are available to speak with company representatives, counsel, and owners regarding their insurance policies and options, and how we may be of assistance.

Our firm is here to help North Carolina businesses with their business interruption claims involving sizeable losses. We serve clients throughout North Carolina and the United States. Contact us to speak with a lawyer.

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