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Employment & Civil Rights Lawyers in Raleigh

Defending the Rights of Individuals Against Government and Employer Misconduct

At Edwards Kirby, we represent individuals who have been mistreated by their government or their employer. Every American citizen is offered specific rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. In fact, the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution specifically limit the power of the federal government and set forth the rights of citizens to free speech, due process, freedom from cruel & unusual punishment, and protection from unreasonable search and seizure, to name a few. In addition, specific state and federal laws have been implemented to ensure protection from prejudice, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment in the workplace and beyond.

Our employment law & civil rights lawyers help hold the government and employers accountable when they deny individuals these rights. We represent individuals who have been victims of police misconduct, prosecutorial abuse or rights violations in jails and prisons. We also stand up for employees who have witnessed fraud by an employer, experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or been retaliated against for speaking out.

Edwards Kirby is committed to safeguarding these important protections for individuals and groups, whether being breached by the government, corporations, or others. These essential rights belong to each American, and should never be abandoned in favor of prejudices or abuses of power. Edwards Kirby is dedicated to defending our rights, from protecting individuals from police misconduct to defending the right of every American to work without fear of sexual harassment.

Learn about your rights as an employee and how an Edwards Kirby employment law attorney can help by calling (919) 780-5400.

Types of Civil Rights Cases We Handle

For 25 years, Edwards Kirby has fought for clients’ rights across North Carolina and throughout the nation. We can take on a wide range of civil rights cases and will not hesitate to go up against the government if necessary to seek justice for our clients. In fact, we are known for our skill in court and will present a formidable opponent for any individual, corporation, or government entity.

Our Raleigh civil rights lawyers can take on cases involving:

  • Police brutality
  • Racial profiling
  • Wrongful arrest and imprisonment
  • Mistreatment while in police custody
  • Lack of proper care or treatment in the prison system
  • Cruel and unusual punishment by law enforcement or prison officers
  • Denial of basic needs in prison or jail
  • Discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc.

Types of Unlawful Employment Practices

Under federal and state law, employees have a right to work in an environment free from discriminatory treatment, unlawful pay practices, or fear of retaliation. Our Raleigh employment law attorneys are committed to upholding these rights to the fullest extent. We expose violations of workers’ rights and help wronged employees rebuild and recover.

Some common unlawful employment practices include:

  • Sexual Harassment: A work environment where inappropriate sexual behavior pervades, including physical and verbal sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advances, and a quid pro quo system of sexual favors
  • Fraud and Whistleblower Retaliation: Misuse of funds by employers and retaliating against employees who assert their right to speak out against it, often through termination or unfair terms and conditions of employment.
  • Employment Discrimination: Discriminating against employees in hiring, firing, pay, or other terms and conditions of employment based on gender, race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Fighting for Individuals’ Rights

At Edwards Kirby, we believe every person deserves to be treated lawfully and with respect. If you have been subjected to any of these unlawful practices, please do not hesitate to contact our firm for a free, confidential case evaluation with a Raleigh civil rights attorney or an employment rights lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an employment law attorney?

Employers are required to operate without prejudice, discrimination, retaliation, or harassment. If you have experienced these from your employer, your rights have been infringed upon, and you deserve legal justice. 

When should I hire an employment rights attorney?

You should hire an employment law attorney when you have experienced physical, sexual, or verbal harassment from your employer or other employees, or if you have been a victim of prejudice, discrimination, or employer retaliation. 

Why hire a civil rights attorney?

Your civil rights protect your dignity, reputation, and well-being. When a law is violated that denies your civil rights, an attorney can help you pursue the proper legal action to hold lawbreakers accountable.

Does it matter whether my rights were violated by federal, state, or local law enforcement?

While violation of any civil rights is wrong, the handling of violations at the local, state, or federal level is different.  A civil rights attorney can help clarify which violations have occurred and help initiate the proper legal course for your violation.  

If I was harmed by a police officer by accident, should I still pursue legal action?

Yes. Law enforcement officers are trained to conduct their responsibilities in a manner that does not cause unnecessary harm. If you are harmed through no fault of your own during an arrest, you deserve to be compensated. Holding law enforcement accountable for harm helps to ensure governments provide the resources for proper law enforcement training.

Should I take legal action if I was abused in jail?

Yes. Civil rights are the rights of all, even prisoners. If your rights were violated in jail through violence from an officer or neglect from the prison administration, you have the right to hire a civil rights lawyer and pursue legal action.

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