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Attorney Profile: Andrew Avram

Apr 12, 2021

Personal Injury Attorney Andrew AvramAndrew never wanted to go to law school.  Coming from a family of attorneys, he was convinced at a young age that he wanted to do something different, something that would be his own.  After finishing high school in Raleigh, Andrew went to the University of Georgia where, in addition to religiously attending Bulldog football games, he earned a bachelor’s in political science.  Upon graduation, he turned his eyes to D.C. and a career in sales and marketing.  A couple years and jobs later, though, Andrew found himself listless and hungry for a new challenge.  Despite his earlier plans to avoid the family business, an almost instinctual attraction brought him to law school.

After earning his J.D. at Emory University School of Law, Andrew took his first legal job as an attorney at a mid-sized medical malpractice defense firm, where he practiced for a couple of years.  From there, he took a position at a 1,000 attorney firm working on employment law.  Through these roles Andrew learned the ins and outs of the defense side for general liability, medical malpractice, and employment-related cases and developed extensive knowledge of the “other side” and tricks of the trade used by insurance companies and corporate defendants.  This unique perspective has made Andrew an invaluable asset to our team and our clients.

Andrew’s experience in other firms has also allowed him to directly see the benefits that a firm like Edwards Kirby offers to clients and attorneys alike.  While large firms often have incredible access to resources in the form of administrators, research assistants, and financial resources, these large firms often focus on volume of cases and clients.  Andrew felt that he wasn’t able to form the close and trusting relationships with clients in that setting that he is able to in a smaller firm like ours.  On the other side of the coin, smaller firms sometimes lack the resources necessary to conduct the most thorough investigations, hire the best experts, and put forward the strongest possible case for their clients.

At Edwards Kirby, Andrew has found the best of both worlds; a firm that is small enough to give personalized care to every client that also possesses the resources to build winning cases.  The firm’s history of success has helped to build a war chest that allows our attorneys access to the best experts and resources available.  At the same time, the firms small size creates an environment where our team collaborates daily and is able to really get to know and develop relationships with the clients that we represent.

At Edwards Kirby, Andrew uses his business experience and friendly personality as Head of Intake.  He works directly with our newest clients and feels gratified in his role of assisting them through a difficult time.  He prides himself on the personalized attention he gives to each of our clients and his ability to use his knowledge of the “other side” to get clients the justice that they deserve.

Andrew may have never planned on becoming a lawyer, but we are certainly glad that he did and are grateful for his unique role our team.  When he isn’t fighting for clients, you can find Andrew hitting the links at Pine Hollow or spending time with his wife, Myers, and their new COVID-puppy, Doris.

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