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Edwards Kirby Files Class Action Discrimination Suit

Sep 23, 2019

At Edwards Kirby, we are known for taking on large corporations and fighting for our clients. Our latest class action lawsuit is no exception.

Sex-Based Pay Bias and Sexual Harassment at The Greensboro News & Record

We do not stand for gender pay bias or sexual harassment, and our most recent lawsuit takes a stand against both the Greensboro News & Record and its parent companies, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and BH Media Group Inc.

Throughout this case, we will fight to prove that BH Media, which owns and operates 77 media outlets nationwide, has a systemic, illegal practice of paying female advertising sales employees less than their male counterparts and offering them fewer promotions.

We will also pursue the company’s accountability in failing to address sexual harassment in the workplace.

Gayla Price leads the suit with claims that she and other female coworkers were harassed by a male employee who repeatedly exposed himself to the women.

Although the perpetrator has been arrested by local police and “committed to treatment,” the lawsuit will address the larger structural issues of the business.

With the assistance of Edwards Kirby, Ms. Price filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

We look forward to fighting by Ms. Price’s side and pursuing justice on behalf of her, the underpaid female sales employees at BH Media, and all other women at the company.

About Our Firm

Edwards Kirby is committed to helping victims and everyday citizens fight back against injustice, wrongdoing, and powerful corporations that care more about protecting their brand and bottom line than doing right by those they’ve harmed.

Our firm truly believes every person deserves to be treated with equality and respect under the law, and has become known for our work in matters of employment law and civil rights.

Be sure to check our blog regularly for updates about this lawsuit, and if you need help with a similar issue or any problem within our areas of practice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our attorneys.

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