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John Edwards, David Kirby Launch National Law Firm

Nov 19, 2013

RALEIGH, N.C. (Nov. 19, 2013) – John Edwards, former U.S. Senator and renowned trial attorney, today announced the formation of Edwards Kirby, a law firm that will focus on public interest cases involving social, economic and individual injustices. A national practice with offices in Washington, D.C. and Raleigh, N.C., the firm includes some of the best known and most highly acclaimed litigators in America, including John Edwards’ former partner David Kirby, who with Edwards obtained the largest personal injury verdict in North Carolina history. Full firm information is available at our website.

The launch of the firm marks the return of John Edwards to the legal industry he transformed over the course of two decades, litigating several well-known cases while challenging the negligence of corporate and commercial interests. Edwards Kirby was founded to give regular people high-caliber representation when faced with injustice. The firm will advocate on behalf of plaintiffs in matters of civil rights, discrimination, public safety and product safety, consumer protection, healthcare and medical liability.

“It is a privilege to practice again, and we want to take on cases that, through litigation, change social inequalities in favor of the greater good,” said John Edwards. “In building Edwards Kirby, we sought a team that has championed the causes of economic and social equality in court and in hundreds of communities across the country.”

Having a distinguished case history that includes securing the largest personal injury award in North Carolina, serving as co-counsel at a trial resulting in the largest gender discrimination jury verdict in U.S. history and winning one of the largest civil actions ever brought to trial in the country, the litigators at Edwards Kirby have served as tireless proponents for social and economic justice who will fight to win fairness and equal opportunity under the law.

“As someone who worked alongside John inside the courtroom for many years, I know that he is undoubtedly one of the best and most committed plaintiff lawyers in the country,” said David Kirby. “We see this as an opportunity to help those people who need it most and intend to uphold their basic rights in the courts.”

The firm represents clients nationwide and partners with local counsel throughout the country.

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