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Unfair trade practices involving stolen business

$10 Million

Woman suffers fatal stroke after botched procedure

The confidential settlement, which came on the eve of trial, was the largest wrongful death medical malpractice settlement in the history of a neighboring state.


Student who was raped in sorority house settles claim for $2.5M

A college student who was raped by a man who had intruded into her off-campus sorority house has confidentially settled a lawsuit with the home’s property manager for $2.5 million, her attorneys report.

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Families of killed construction workers settle claims for $14.5M

The families of three construction workers who were killed in an accident have confidentially settled a lawsuit against a subcontractor, a general subcontractor, and an equipment manufacturer for $14.25 million, their attorneys report.

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Truck driver drops delivery load on customer, leaving him paralyzed.


Death of a college student during “hell week” hazing.

Death of a college student during “hell week” hazing, which led to national fraternity safety improvements.


Death of father of three in construction accident.


Two boys killed in a bus crash.


A man is injured when struck by a truck that ran a red light.


A wrecker returning from a repossession strikes a woman, causing a brain injury.


Law enforcement officer killed in tractor-trailer wreck.


Lifeguard Electrocution

The wrongful death case of a lifeguard who died when she entered a pool that was electrified has settled for $6 million.

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