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1.35 Million Dollar Settlement for driver who struck parked tractor-trailer resulting in amputation of left arm.


Wrongful deaths of three family members killed on Christmas Day following a wreck caused by a defectively built portion of the highway


Student who was raped in sorority house settles claim for $2.5M

A college student who was raped by a man who had intruded into her off-campus sorority house has confidentially settled a lawsuit with the home’s property manager for $2.5 million, her attorneys report.

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Families of killed construction workers settle claims for $14.5M

The families of three construction workers who were killed in an accident have confidentially settled a lawsuit against a subcontractor, a general subcontractor, and an equipment manufacturer for $14.25 million, their attorneys report.

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Death of a college student during “hell week” hazing.

Death of a college student during “hell week” hazing, which led to national fraternity safety improvements.


11-year-old boy killed by an elderly driver as father looked on.

The jury awarded $3.5 million for wrongful death of a child and $1.5 million for emotional distress of his father after an 11-year-old boy was killed by an elderly driver as father looks on.


Two killed by armed, disgruntled worker who returned to the jobsite.

Two people were killed when an armed, disgruntled worker returned to the jobsite. The case set a national record for a verdict in a workplace violence case.


Death of father of three in construction accident.


Two boys killed in a bus crash.


A man is injured when struck by a truck that ran a red light.


A wrecker returning from a repossession strikes a woman, causing a brain injury.


Death of 3-year-old, and injuries to mother and father, from tractor-trailer crash.

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