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Many serious accidents involving blunt force, falls, or high-speed collisions can result in spine trauma. Injuries to the spinal cord caused by compression or fractures of the vertebrae often result in paralysis. Prompt and effective treatment is absolutely essential to lessen the risk of further damage to the spinal cord and the resulting loss of sensation and motion in the limbs.

Due to the severe nature of spine injuries, victims may be facing a lifetime of medical care. Our Raleigh spinal cord injury attorneys understand what is at stake and use our resources, reputation, and skill to fight for the highest possible settlements and awards to cover the full cost of our clients’ treatment, for life if necessary.

Edwards Kirby is skilled in establishing proof of liability and damages in cases involving:

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Long-Term Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries

The recovery of maximum compensation is essential in spinal cord injury claims. A person with complete quadriplegia may expect to face over $1 million in healthcare costs and living expenses, just in the first year after injury.

A lifetime of care, if the person is 25 years old at the time of injury, may add up to $4.7 million. A person with incomplete motor function, at any level, may face $1.1 to $1.6 million in lifetime healthcare costs and living expenses. These figures do not include additional losses, such as lost earnings, emotional trauma, and more.

Edwards Kirby recovered $6,000,000 for a child suffer who suffered paralysis from an injury at a recreation center.
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Determining the Value of Your Spine Injury Cases

Our Raleigh spine injury lawyers, along with our clients’ treating physicians and our forensic medical experts, make sure that the opinions we present concerning physical injury, prognosis, and future treatment requirements are based on scientific facts, enabling us to precisely define what the damages might be over time.

We also present qualitative and quantitative evidence assessing pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and rehabilitative therapy needs. Nothing is overlooked as we pursue a just settlement or award on your behalf.

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