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C-sections, or Cesarean sections, are today used in roughly a third of all deliveries. Though no surgical procedure is without its risks, there are well-developed guidelines and accepted standards of care that allow for the proper management of potential complications. Medical negligence and failures to meet those standards can result in preventable injuries.

If you, your baby, or someone you love have suffered an injury related to a C-section (or a failure to perform a C-section), you may have a potential claim. Our team at Edwards Kirby is led by two of the nation’s most respected plaintiffs’ trial lawyers, and is trusted by families and fellow lawyers across North Carolina and beyond for many reasons:

  • Proven results in complex claims, including birth injury lawsuits;
  • The largest medical malpractice verdict in NC history ($23M birth injury);
  • Nationally recognized trial attorneys with decades of experience;
  • Personalized service, passionate commitment to clients and civil justice.

Learn more about C-section injury lawsuits, medical negligence, and your rights by calling (919)780-5400 or contacting us online.

C-Section Birth Injury Cases We Handle

With record-setting results in birth injury cases, our firm handles all types of claims involving preventable injuries caused by C-sections and related issues.

C-section injury cases may involve:

  • C-Section Errors – Medical mistakes have major consequences, and errors committed during C-sections can put babies and mothers at risk of serious if not fatal injuries. These include surgical errors, failures to monitor for fetal distress and more
  • Emergency C-Sections – Though injuries can certainly arise from planned C-section sections, emergency C-sections pose greater risks for mishaps and harm. Still, whether they are performed for previously known reasons or unforeseen complications, emergency C-sections must be performed with a degree of care appropriate of medical professionals and in accordance to accepted standards.
  • Failures to Perform / Delayed C-Sections – Many C-section birth injury claims involve failures to perform a C-section when warranted under the circumstances (i.e. fetal distress, birth asphyxia and other complications), and delayed C-sections that pose a high potential for serious injuries or lifelong disabilities like cerebral palsy – especially when there has been oxygen deprivation and brain damage. Failures to perform a timely C-section or failures to perform a C-section can be the result of medical negligence during pregnancy (improper / missed diagnoses or potential complications), as well as shortly before or during childbirth.
  • C-Section Injury to Mother – C-sections pose risks to mothers just as they pose risks to babies. These include pulmonary embolism, excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), and other serious injuries or medical emergencies.
  • C-Section Injury to Baby – C-section complications and medical errors can jeopardize the health of babies. Negligence during a C-section may result in trauma, oxygen deprivation, failures to treat, and other serious medical issues, which can lead to brain damage, cerebral palsyhypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and other mental or physical disabilities.

Because birth injury cases involve complex legal definitions of duty, and technical concepts of medical care and professional standards, these claims demand a meticulous evaluation of the facts involved.

In addition to closely reviewing and investigating clients’ cases, we also work with a network of experts and medical professionals to assist in determinations of negligence, fault, and liability, and to provide supporting evidence and testimony for our clients’ claims.

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Call 919-780-5400 or fill out our online form to request a free consultation. You won’t pay unless we win!

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